The Achievement Thread


What how are you blue star in this photo?? THoNK


Testing server :stuck_out_tongue:
at least i think so


lol nou


go get 34 more fame on it and never play on it again, thank me later


no u


great, it’s a topper :woman_facepalming:

now the real question is: do I let it go so I can work on my classes with less than 2K base, or do I crush you for your pathetic attention whoring ways :thinking:




I solo’d a Halls!
…Up to Cultist, because the first spawn gave me a Purple-Red-Yellow-White spawn, which forced me to Nexus because I just can’t dodge those Unstable shots!
You know!
I’m fine!


haha yes


imma get my warrior to 7/8 today I think!

the file wont upload sadly


Liked every post here now :3


No you haven’t, not this one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Redeadgods I’m also about to max a character! My wizard is around 5 potions in each stat to 6/8, currently at 2/8. Gonna be my first legit maxed character :slight_smile:


Dang it Orsome


:00 Nice!


In b4 glawi like bot



What’s the non-legit way? >3o


Mystery pots.

also I finally got 6/8 today with the help of @goldncash :slight_smile:


kinda sad to come onto the forums once in a month and get excited that you got 10(!) notifications only to find out 8 of them were likes that were part of an indiscriminate liking spree though


Had he not liked them you would have gotten on to 2 notifications though