The Achievement Thread


lol nou


go get 34 more fame on it and never play on it again, thank me later


no u


great, it’s a topper :woman_facepalming:

now the real question is: do I let it go so I can work on my classes with less than 2K base, or do I crush you for your pathetic attention whoring ways :thinking:




I solo’d a Halls!
…Up to Cultist, because the first spawn gave me a Purple-Red-Yellow-White spawn, which forced me to Nexus because I just can’t dodge those Unstable shots!
You know!
I’m fine!


haha yes


imma get my warrior to 7/8 today I think!

the file wont upload sadly


Liked every post here now :3


No you haven’t, not this one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Redeadgods I’m also about to max a character! My wizard is around 5 potions in each stat to 6/8, currently at 2/8. Gonna be my first legit maxed character :slight_smile:


Dang it Orsome


:00 Nice!


In b4 glawi like bot



What’s the non-legit way? >3o


Mystery pots.

also I finally got 6/8 today with the help of @goldncash :slight_smile:


kinda sad to come onto the forums once in a month and get excited that you got 10(!) notifications only to find out 8 of them were likes that were part of an indiscriminate liking spree though


Had he not liked them you would have gotten on to 2 notifications though


wouldn’t have gotten disappointed then though, since that was within the scope of expectations

It’s not like it’s a big deal, but you could compare it to being told about potential free pizza and not receiving it.


It’s nice to see that some people who were active on the forums during the time that I was active on the forums are still active on the forums today.