The Achievement Thread


Waiting for my Fools Prism one day, wish Deca did another wishing thing and that’s the only thing I’d wish for

( Excpet I don’t play RotMG anymore )


Oh yea not to mention Avatar sure is a good one for a fake white, very good white and also death animation, it flashes, explodes, shots come out, making it harder to see the placed bag, bravo Demonseye


LotLL, Forgotten King- actually all shatters bosses, Marble Colossus are good options, and perhaps O3 even thought it’s different like the others.


My 1st ever 10k base fame character.


Alright so today I attempted my first and only o3 run and I got past the miniboss and up to exalted. Sadly our 10 person group had to nexus becaude we had bad dps


Love is in the air :heart: ty for all the great posts here.

Realm Rewind 2021

@Glawi he’s coming for you!


Needs more hearts tbh, getting a divine is impressive in my book



Soloed my 2nd O3, this time on the signature huntress doppelganger and the entire sanctuary as well! Didn’t intend to solo, but seeing the 2 free runes, gotta take that opportunity

Honestly the hardest part of the fight was when he does the “Nowhere to run” phase, I just can’t really deal with it properly with the portal patterns. Other than that, was a pretty smooth fight throughout~

So much for that break…Will upload the video soon as well (really gotta get around to uploading the rogue solo too)


phantom’s so good that the second huntress bouta hit 30k too~


bhdsbhjwhnj yeaaa I gotta suicide the backup before she hits 30k to achieve the dream 30k profile uwu"
(dw I’ll take out everything before doing so)

Oh yea, and I finally got around to uploading the two solo videos!:

Welp, enjoy~


Phat text wall warning. And prolly bunch of grammar errors b/c I am an idiot.

A random achievement that I did (prolly the 1st and only) and I have several things to say about this:

And it feels so good to be with Boots on the Ground again once in a while. <3


Technically, this was me maxing my Mystic to 6/8 (by rainbow stats) without TPing, even though chowed down GLives from the pot storage for that 7/8. I say this was a success and failure at the same time.

To make it easier to identify which pots were farmed without TPing, I cleared the pot storage by transfering them to my normal vault chest. And yes, I failed to restrain myself from TPing to events but then the pots obtained from such action gets stored to the vault chest, not its storage.

You will see here that I sped up the whole clip by 100x to reduce the size of the footage and making it less boring to watch. I also have the raw footages in the description if you want to watch the whole process (8 hours long BTW).

There are several factors that affects the efficiency of maxing process:

  • DPS,
  • Rushing capability.
  • Dungeons’ generation
  • The geographies of the realms.
  • Where you spawn when entering to the realm.
  • Where the godland exactly locates at and how far is it from the beach.
  • Impassable biome in certain realms
  • The dungeon droprates from gods.
  • The pots droprates from gods themselves. Their RNG mainly.
  • Event bosses that may hook you to TP to them and hindering the maxing process.
  • The amount of time to kill certain bosses in terms of DPS and dodging (and finding TRoom).
  • What class I am maxing and what are the stat rolls upon Level 20.
  • Stat Exaltations (none so far on Warrior and Sorc).
  • Certain classes to farm the pots.
  • The occurance rate of internet dropouts (my NIC card kept crashing and the “Default Gateway is not available: fixed” kept happening).

After completing this for the 1st time, I gave feedback to myself; what and where I can improve when the next time I do this again? Most of them can’t be changed but some can such as equipment choice and rushing capability.

Equipment: The equips I used during the maxing process were shown in the video.

  • Warrior: CC Armor + UBDef (and Jugg) to remain OoC most of the time. ZHeart and Drakefyre Amulet for rushing (and its Armor for pseudo-DPS).
  • Sorc: Ritual Robe, Nile (and T6 Scepter for that +7 Speed).
  • Weapons I used were Pixie (for DPS) and CSword (for Range).
  • Sorc: Condu and Recomp.
  • What I can replaced are the swapouts. I figured that it would be better to replace ZHeart and Amulet with GGuard and Potato (although I don’t have them) because their heavy DPS and Speed boost. For sword, I could replace CSword with either Colo or Divinity.
  • Sorc: nothing is needed except maybe adding Geb Ring. Scepter could be upgraded to T7, Lumi or Fallen (trying my luck to get an actual Fallen) on single target DPS swapout.

Rushing: I rushed nearly every dungeons except Abby (it’s harder to rush than Tomb TBH), never even touched Cem, MLab, CDepth and WLab.

  • This part is harder to improve as I find some dungeons simply too dangerous to rush (looking at you Abby), although certain equips and map reading skills allow higher chance of successful and faster rushing.

Classes I chose to farm pots:

  • I mainly used Warrior because of hybrid of rushing, DPS and Defence capability. Nothing much here except what I mentioned from above.
  • Sorc (8/8 BTW) because of Wand’s piercing and scepter securing SB. Usually I don’t carry swapout to fill all 16 pots in. But then scoring more kills means more chances of getting pots. Nothing is need again except what I mentioned above.
  • Could have used other classes but I find those 2 helped me the most.

Pots’ droprates from gods (RNG):

  • Used clover and loot boost potions to increase the chance of getting pots (and maybe some Para HPs and good pet eggs if my pot farming-luck is bad at one moment). One time I did it on a Sorc and I was full of 16 pots within 15 minutes.
  • But again, even with clover, it does not guarantee increased droprate. I can be lucky as mentioned above or 30 minutes of loot boosted and only get 8 pots (or none if really unlucky)!

Internet dropout:

  • I do have theory that it was my NIC card that has the problem. Did everything that I would normally solved the “Default gateway was not available” issue but none worked as a permament solution. Or some kind of bug that cause it malfunction at random time and can’t be fixed.


  • I won’t be Exalting my Warrior or Sorc anytime soon because focusing on Samu RN but then they will help the farming process.

Class that I chose to max:

  • I chose the Mystic because, I needed her maxed anyway and despite of her Wis-hungry stat (capping on 75), I found that UDLs were not tedious to spam in contrast of what many ppl believe. Got it done quickly as well.

Event bosses emergence:

  • As I mentioned, I failed to restrain from TPing to them. I could have skipped them just like what I did during my no-TP career (from July to December 2020). Again, 1st time doing this speedrun (and came back to it for a while) so expect mistakes and everything.

That’s all for now. If you have any more questions, reply to me below. And what class should I do next?


just hit 29999 and be sad everytime you look at it

it’ll be fun


congrats, but next time, when you edit a video, try to use editing software such as hitfilm or shotcut because the watermark is very distracting.


It’s harder for me to use Shotcut because I don’t find it easier to use than Filmora but TY for the feedback.


yea np. I usually use shotcut so yea I understand its confusing at first, but I’d recommend practicing with it as its much better than filmora in terms of both features and lack of watermarks. You could still try hitfilm as that’s much more user friendly than shotcut in my opinion.


ill get the no consum no o3 item petless on pally eventually…

but im 5 attempts 0 completes and 0 vials rn reeee


Not a major achievement (especially nowadays), but I finally hit 10k base fame on a character.

Also, getting kills on events are easy to do on assassins.


Well, just my stroke of luck, which means another solo o3 attempt!

The dream wizard PPE