The Achievement Thread


Don’t care about the color of the star shown on your name. :wink:


I’ve only been serious about the game since August of 2020


why expo and nile?


After about 15 attempts, I finally got my first O3 complete! And to say I was well-rewarded is an understatement :wink:

Edit: 2 wis from 8/8 so doesn’t count toward exaltations :skull:

  • live
  • kill


First character with 100k death fame :smile:

Realm Rewind 2021

samurai gang rise up @PRCSakura




First o3 get :^)


I made it past the mini boss and to celestial with an unmaxed wizard today in a pub o3! It was the first time I’d beaten the miniboss


found my new pet:

currently I use an 90/89/75 mheal, heal, attack far. should take a while till I can switch to the new one. :smiley:




first time I’ve gotten white star slick


This is simultaneously my first CC ran, completed, and ST/White quality loot dropped from said dungeon! ^^

It’s a shame that I already have one, but this is legitimate. :smile:

Also, though I agree that CC isn’t as difficult as FC, I need to figure out what the heck I was doing next time. I noticed arrows directing things ahead of time, so I generally planned for… something bad to happen while accommodating for the mini-bosses. Some rando had a fungal tome, but I went off on my own, not trusting to tank shots. Fun, anyway!


Finally came back to this game in lieu of the fame update making 5 star a 2 hour endeavor, so after almost 9 years (8 years and 256 days) I got white star.

Killing 8 characters for a total of almost 20k fame, feels like a new beginning


I’ve ran around 50 crystal caverns for that armor…


Some people say the ST ring is super super common, out of maybe 200 crystal caverns I’ve ran possibly? I haven’t gotten a single one, not even from any chests, this includes ST chests, Dungeon Chests, and Mark Chests


Literally me right here when I raid CC. I just get couple hits in, leech on the back (to dodge the shots easiers) and w8 until fight is over.


And I’ve gotten 2 ST rings in 1 Crystal Cavern xd


Leech? D:

I promise that I carried my weight for most of the fight! I only backed off for half of the orange boss fight. I was mostly on the other side of the enemy from the crowd with 2-3 others.

@Poloprock can I have one? (; I’d only need the Kunai, then.