The Achievement Thread




Holy shit… I just solo’ed LoD on my very 1st try on Testing…

My very 1st 3D clear and as solo. Had to chug HP pots on this one.


Happened a few days ago, but I 3/5d warrior on exaltations, earning the +15% drop chance on melees!


And here is me… not going to exalt other Heavies after Samurai. Sword classes are overplayed.


5 starred my necro.


Bounce back B)


This is a big one! 100/95/84, free to play.


finally got a divinity

It only cost me this which is when i stopped playing the game in order to wait a few months for this o3 event… in which I got the divinity on the first run… even though i did 300+ o3’s during the last event…


Yeesh! What have been your methods for getting that high? I’m only about to max my first legendary as F2P. Granted, I’ve been picky with FP (for the lack of fame until the rework), but without playing all the time, I couldn’t have afforded to be anything but picky with what I did and didn’t feed.


Constantly forging Candy Coated armors. And just playing a lot.


First character to 30k base fame + Monster Bag

edit: ded


100/100 pet


Did a cult as a duo with @Shidd

Not the hardest achievement, but if felt good!


After a whole lot of trying, I got my hands on one of these bad boys

This costed me a converted ~200 Decas.


WTF 200 Decas?!


That’s the cheapest one :no_mouth:


Now double click it


100 Exalts! This is one of 4 skins I like more than plain old Oryx. 2 of which happen to be other versions of oryx.


this has been a long time coming, finished all but fungal and a few o3s months ago then hit a streak of having one 8/8 at a time for a bit and dying on a bunch of necros doing dumb stuff, almost done with mystic and wiz, probably will die alot getting the last few shats in need on them this event. One t7 skull 0 t7 orbs in the couple of hundred o3 ive done.


Congrats <3 <3 <3

Now you joined the Necro squad with fury and Skyflower.