The Achievement Thread


I’m a god :stuck_out_tongue:





Nothing hard, just tedious


Piss star achieved


I think blue was better.


respect my p̜̹͌͛͑͌ͅ ̸͙̬̳̝̮̑ͨ̾i̹͕̯͎̩ͦ̒̆͂̓̒ ̐̊ͯ͗҉̬͓ṡ͎̙̤̜͖̮ͧ ̳̥͚͉͂ͭs̄ͨ


I guess got samurai top 100, no fame farm

Also haven’t died for like 30 voids now.


Doing lost halls is basically fame farming xP


[Insert obligatory snarky comment]


Whatever you demand.


I might be wrong but I think you have jynxed it.


well, actually i only have 4 voids on him, the 30 voids were on other chars.

no? at least not yet. havent dead on any chars yet


Ok maybe not just yet. But you might not. When I feel like I am doing good on ppes and I’m at school thinking how far I could go. I stop myself when actually talking to myself and if I do finish it I find out I die sooner than later.


I was so fucking hyped for your pun and you give me this. Go Lightshot yourself. /s


That’s a placeholder, you insigificant yellow star.

Also, I will.


*dabs edgily


Here’s the snark:

Grevious = Wilhuff
Obi wan = ArexRew


yeah, but ive become a veteran of rotmg dying prevention thinking, when i get on a roll, i can be like those people who die like every 2 months.


I’m kinda like that, but I like to just die on throwaways that I wanted to level/get fame. My last meaningful character that died was that 1/8 sorc at the bottom, and that shit was 2 months ago. was almost 3/8, close to 6/8


I missed 500 days visited