The Achievement Thread


6666 fame!


back in the top 100 ninjas


good to be back


@seelpit flex on this boi




Although you’ll probably beat that in no time, with y’all’s fame ways.


Being me is a big enough achievement


I just went through the entire White Bag Thread v2 during this class period


First 8/8 ppe!


Killed my 3rd Beach Bum


Full set :slight_smile:


On one hand, I got the most damage for the first time.

On the other… I got no loot.


On mo :b: ile as well.


Did someone say ninja with high fame :dark_sunglasses:


ninja ded lul, but I’m putting it here for 2 reasons:

  1. I did beat seelpit before she died:

  2. max possible electric pet:


Why is everyone dying with all their good chars. First Glawi and now Seelpit.


I believe that Xaklor was referring to his own ninja, which was used the Slashing Beauty skin. Seelpit’s is still alive and kicking.


Oh ok @Seelpit dont die on me or your toes are mine.


Seelpit’s ninja died? Nvm.


i managed to last <30 mins in a guild c:


Took some time but there is my own white star finally :smiley: