The Achievement Thread


Congrats! Also, nice char slots.


science proves once again that ninja is the best class in the game


Finally broke 20k base fame across all my characters today.


Soloed 95% of a public Lost Halls. Survived an encounter with the Spectral Sentry, equipping my leaf bow and running like the wind. Could’ve nexused, but greed for that 5 fame compelled me to stay.

I say 95%, as we started off with 30 people, reduced to 3 after 10 rooms, reduced to 2 a few rooms later, then just me. I killed every single thing in the halls, except for the Marble Colossus.


2 out of 2 Ninja mains agree




Two expos in one lab…My dream has been fulfilled. My life is complete.

Edit: Oh, and this.


My wizard is goddamn amazing. Maybe not as amazing as my last sorcerer, but amazing.


All characters 8/8 at the same time for the first time ever! It’s gonna last like, a day though, since my character slot is tomorrow.


oh wow another 8/8. gonna have to find a place to put all those items in its inv for me to play it tho


lem jest die with ripper tshot and cgr yeet

if you get the char slot today/tomorrow you might get the space

carved golem remains


already did.
also whats a cgr

EDIT: i see. then i wont use it :smiling_imp:
cant die with it if i dont use it


At least 5 Crusades, at least 5 Frost Burn spawns, one flashing moment, and at least an hour of work for…

I’m going to [REDACTED] Kiddforce. They [REDACTED], cause [REDACTED].

The General Chat Thread

what’s this? I don’t think I’ve ever heard those two words put together in the context of LH.


That’s because no one has and I have decided to call the different spawns in Cultists by specific terms.
Although I, for some reason, kept wanting to call them " Frostee-Flesh", to a likewisely-named SCP…
It’s a spawn of 2 Malus, 2 Basaran followers; fire, and ice -> Frost Burn.

And I got a lot of those, as you’ve read.
No 5 spawns, luckily.
Which is when all 5 different followers of live leaders spawn - Gaius (Y), Argus (P), Dirge (W), Basaran (B), and Malus (R). It’s why I have one less solo - I ran into one as Necro and kept getting Unstabled .w.


My first solo attempt at MBC turned out to also be a success! It took about 30-40m for this grueling fight to end, all while being totally scared shitless and at one point having to spam my hp pots (survival phase). Definitely worth the experience, full of thrill, danger and fun x)

And if anyone wants to know the loot: 2 life, att, def. I’ll take it :>


First Halls white! Wew lad!


Completed my first and second ever void attempts :smiley: went in blind af so was spooked by lasers but yeh good fame


Wait what???


congrats! with pub halls or…?