The Achievement Thread


1:2 :smiley:



white star and only just started doing voids…?


I managed to get 1/8 while using a 50/3 Heal/MHeal pet, which is further than I’d ever gotten before with a similar pet, I dare say.
So that’s pretty swell.
inb4 “yeah but people have gotten 8/8 and done LHs without any pet” - I know! Cool, right?


well… just recently started using disc and still don’t have lh disc so yeh…


actually I was going to ask: surely you must have found a better ring by now, yes? even T3 hp ring is better than that. if you still haven’t, uh rip I guess.


I found a T4 Health ring and threw it away.
I don’t like it.


More-or-less solo’d a CDepths.
A Trickster attempted to rush, got very far, but had to nexus. Some wizard was also there, but they didn’t want to waste their time.

Considering I don’t really need mana, I’m actually feeding it.


Because logic

Please get the fuck away from me.


I’d much prefer a small increase in DPS, regen, speed, and HP+MP than just pure HP.
It’s not helping me if my pet is only 50/14, y’know?


I’m going to vent now


Soloing a cdepths is an achievement?

notices equipment



why would you feed a Mana pot its like 150fp

use it to buy like a proper fp item


I think I had 3 def drunk then, with max dex and 42 base att.
Honestly, it wasn’t much different from doing it on a maxed character, aside from the black non-spotted spiders being general fuckasses.
Red ones were annoying, too, but at least they’re not as hyperpredictive.

250, actually. It gave me almost 4 levels of MHeal.

That’s against the minor ruleset I gave myself…
It’s technically some sort of…newer-pet-experience. A rare Reptile egg gave me a Heal/MHeal pet that I slapped on a PPE.


missed my 4 year anniversary :man_facepalming:


oof I missed my 1 year account anniversary by 70 days. And my 4 years total on my first account. :frowning:


you’re never ever going to feel a single point of spd make a difference. no one goes “awwwwwwww yeah that’s what I’m talking about” after consuming a single spd pot. the same can be said about every other stat.

but 100 hp? that’s something you’ll notice. heck even 7 def is something you’ll notice compared to all those +1s.


unrelated to seelpit’s questionable ring choices, I have completed my first ever ST set:

time to put what I said about being unwilling to ever use a complete set to the test.


Ngl that’s the rarest full st set imo


I’d wonder if the warrior’s set isn’t rarer, especially with the Nest event currently.
RealmEye’s Characters with Outfit search is far from perfect to cite for this since there’s myriad reasons players might not equip any set they have, but still:

The full warrior ST currently is only being worn on 51 characters:
Whereas the full huntress ST does go beyond 100 (max possible the search will display):

The only other set currently with <100 wearers is the sorcerer one, on 89*.


Nests aren’t run as frequently as LoD’s, which is why I find the huntress set to be rarer.