The Achievement Thread


I’m inclined to agree, though that total is probably a little skewed since the sword is absolute trash. the biggest reason I see for it is that the warrior set is the only soulbound set not to have had an event chest in the dungeon that drops it. all the other sets have appeared in multiple event chests corresponding to the dungeon that they drop from. the only other one with a similar claim is the necromancer set, since the ring and skull don’t have a dungeon, but even that one has had its UDL half in UDL chests before.


The items could have a higher/lower drop rate though, it’d be shaky logic to only go by how many dungeons are done, also stack all these Nests that are run in events, maybe they’re not even that different in totals.
But yes definitely the usability of the sets makes using RE guesswork.

Yeah… there’s no real way to know is there. People could have the full set thrown in their vault and just never bother wearing it, if it’s so trash to use. One of the mystery boxes could have paid out thousands of warrior sets (or huntress ones). I suppose I’m saying “rare to see someone with in game”. Also, I have the huntress set and not the warrior, so that probs skews my viewpoint!

The warrior items have appeared in other event chests over time, by the way, even though Lod has never had its own chest event.


With an LoD rework on the way, to my knowledge, the set could possibly be getting a rework as well. Fingers crossed.

(I say to my knowledge because I recall seeing a spoiler.)


The set did drop from the shard event in april.


Other events too, eg:

… not that I’m stalking the item or anything…


I’ll notice that it’ll take me way longer to regen.
Fair enough, 1 spd is barely anything.
Barely any of those stats make a difference, but combined, it was pretty neat to have.
Also I’m biased against health rings in general




First soloed o2




Now turn on to flex :muscle:


Teach me how to turn on my flex!!:muscle:


Its in the screenshot at top right.
“You can use this badge as a title :edit button:”


TURNED ON MY FLEX!! ^v^ I feel special now!!






Good achieve though! - especially since the rework it’s a lot tougher. I’d probably quit if I got the suns phase on non-range.


Thanks! I got Power and Suns phase, they’re both easy on melee. Actually, the most time consuming thing was clearing the minions on the first phase, since it took me 7 minutes to clear all the henchmen surrounding oryx




Oof, missed it by one day


What by one day?


anniversary on realmeye