The Achievement Thread


I still got 7 months till my 1 year anniversary.


Didn’t even realize that yesterday was the 6th


Same views.

#2382 wait is this like a 2nd email for us to use?


Shh my money stash email.


No, it does not work. Just a non-functional email. Someone got it to work once though, but that super early on from what I recall.


no im pretty sure its a discourse thing. every forum account must be connected to an email and instead of using your email it just creates that.

this is what I could find for the mods explaining it but im pretty sure I remember someone giving a much more detailed explanation somewhere else. idk, someone could link if you can find something that explains it better. the email thing is just a weird feature that isn’t used


gg, having some wealth to fall back on in this game is relieving. But don’t obsess too much about it. Far better to play the game and build up ut’s. Hopefully you can keep building up


Yeah, I’m planning on maxing a knight with all of them.



2nd Regular


image 100 day forum anniversary!


Aw shucks I missed mine too :man_facepalming:

I actually did miss mine, just I haven’t been active in a while lol


Steam was being buggy, and my game experienced weird frame drops that didn’t stem from my FPS???
Cool times.


Achievement unlocked


gratz :+1:


:tada:@Mynamerr and @Xaklor got leader role :tada:
:tada: @Shatter now has ogmur symbol(mod?) :tada:


yeah Shatter mod


Lol I have original image!


omg congratz


How to get leader?