The Achievement Thread



I prefer the tiered quiver’s ability to paralyze over the void quiver’s pure damage.


Sorry I can’t hear you over my 3 second Stheno kills
I just want to have something over you ò,w,ó


Do you even have a void quiver?


Shameless flex



Must I remind you what happens when you have flashly LH whites, but no skill?


interesting, even i have a void quiv and i hardly do voids


I’ve only ever finished 1 void. Of course I don’t have a void quiver.


i mean, ive only finished like, less than 10




He plays on kong, which results in insane lag and DC in usual LH runs

he told me once


If you look at the top 20 archers, or rather top 50 even, you see my archer is the only one that doesn’t utilize LH gear or crowns. I earned my position as the top 17th archer without the aid of such ‘trophy’ gear, but rather with skill alone.

I was also responding to Seelpit’s boast of owning 2 quiver of shadows, by pointing out @Unicorn’s archer’s death as shown in his video, where he is seen wielding a void bow, golem garments, and a forgotten crown, demonstrating that even if you have the best gear at your disposal, its no good if you lack the necessary skills to play the character efficiently.


fame is as bad an indicator of skill as whites if not worse, at least with LH whites it proves you can do LH. that’s not saying much tbh, but it says more than just raw base fame

40k is an achievement but it definitely does not prove skill


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Wait, you play on kongregate? Whats your username?


And you die half the time. To brag you gotta actually do the achievement.

Also, I assume that a good portion of that 40k fame is from fame training(which takes literally zero skill). It’ll take more than 2 years for a char to get 40k legit.


Just like 90% of content in this game.


That is if you consider doing quest chests and killing o2 fame training. I started playing that archer in September 2018, and have NEVER used a separate character for longer than a weekend event. At the time, I had intended for that archer to be a cult throwaway, and I completed 3 cults on that archer, all of which came from Lost Sentries. It was in December 2018, when a guild mate remarked I could make it to the leader boards that I actually started to find ways to increase my fame WITHOUT fame training, because I find it incredibly boring and a waste of my time. I have done around 300 Parasite Chambers, all of which grant 50+ fame if you kill everything, I make an attempt to fight every Lost Sentry (5 fame), o1 (5 fame), o2 (20 fame), Tinkerer quests (5 fame for regular chests, 15 for epic chests).

Also, I only died twice to the colossus, both of which occurred when I was following the group. I was NEVER killed when I was doing my solo survival.


If you mean with LH discord groups, then yeah you’re right. If you mean Lost halls runs in general, then I will have to disagree with you there. Public runs are obviously ridiculously hard and require not only individual skill and specific UTs, but also the cooperation of the whole group. And I would know, since I only run pub halls…
Either that or pub halls is rigged.