The Achievement Thread


Still am confused

do I get a cookie now?




I won.


I think Nevov is going around old topics…
And those two were closed, too.


way to knock me down man >:(



So we doing this or what?
6 months old topics my dudes
@Redox ty for that


Its the funi number


Make that 70.


Even better


2k Base fame on Mundane and Boots on ground Knight


@moderators Move to other thread please done -Mynamerr

Probably from The Achievement Thread


God FRICKING damn it, can’t we all just get along? :frowning:

o ye and this


Once again, cream of the crop! :ok_hand:


Solo’d new LOD on testing… was probably the most fun I’ve had in rotmg for a while now.


just realized this was a thing…

and 1k <3 received yay


Finally unlocked the Green Penguin pet skin from a common penguin egg.


Was the last penguin I unlocked too, elusive lil’ bugger, in the last week or so.


The set is boring, but I don’t really have any rings that I’d rather put on this Priest, so, whatever.
Gonna do a Void run with it, observe as I die instantly :^)

Which I probably won’t be too mad about, I need the space.


Solo’d Oryx 2 for the first time (I think my pet did the other 0.23%)



Got a like from Otherbill.