The Achievement Thread


2k base on wizzy ppe :smiley:


its 6 8/8s


SBC does runs one like one day per week only.


its funny how vitality drops from abyss of demons and your vit is 69 and your skin is a demon ._.


what? the vit says 49?


wait im blind
i mean wisdom… fkkk


wow that was a major brain fart…


cult solo warmup part 2
at least i remembered how to dodge, but that loot… ._.


Idk why I have to keep reminding everybody of this:

Rail is a troll.
Probably an alt.

Just ignore his posts, especially if they seem stupid. Stop giving him attention.


Legendary Humanoid Egg drop from O2 LUL


2 healing classes duo cult part 3
these duo cults kinda fun but also boring. esben skull did save our asses multiple times.
Also might have developed a strategy when I finally attempt an actual solo


If its a solo why do I see someone right next to you hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…


(really just doing random pub halls so i don’t forget how to dodge cultist attacks)


This is taking too long. Forget mori, do a solo cult. I will pop keys eventually and/or clear the actual halls for you if I have to. Just solo the thing already.


Upgraded my pet yard to divine and got my first 90/90 without ever spending any gold on them.


How much time did it take you?


I have over 2k hours active in my realmeye graveyard summary.
2119 hours to be precise.


This event…I like it, despite the lack of a non-UT prize if you can only manage to get a single stack of 20 GEggs.
Another fine addition to my collection of cute skins >:3

holy shit my trix looks like some goth gang member I love it


And these skins are why I use the fox trickster


created on unknown lol
first character to make it to 10k base!