The Achievement Thread


My first was also a wizzy. Also I think it had that much when I really looked at it. Then it died in that same Lost Halls…


And even only doing that would’ve given 4x Mystery Eggs in the process to have a crack (aha) at their loot. :egg:

Ironically I got the skin as a drop from Biff already so will be way overshot with the eggs.


8/8 PPE


its not 8/8 tho




More than you :slight_smile:


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Please read comments before you assume.


Well when the guy’s last video is “Making my own rotmg client” and there’s no context to the video link, I hope you can understand why it looks shady. Feel free to re-edit your post in that case and perhaps put “from testing” as that’ll help you avoid it getting flagged by other forumers. I wasn’t aware Testers had the facility to spawn in enemies on demand, I thought that was a mod-only ability.


I wouldn’t know either, I don’t mess around with testing.


Some random guy tells you that he has access to the official testing and that he can make new dungeons that are just a bunch of bosses stacked in one room and you just believe him?

Hey @Xaklor aren’t you part of testing? Am I jumping to conclusions too fast here or is this the least legit video ever?


I’ve yet to see a bad word here that can replicate every one of those behaviors so well and have almost no lag. Ripping the actual game client is definitely not easy, especially if you want stability.

Only once has it been done, but I have yet to see anyone else do so up to now. That was back in the Kabam days, too.

I’m not actively against the theory, but I’m also not going to jump right into saying it’s true.


That guy is not a closed tester and public testers aren’t given access to the tool that would make that possible.

I don’t know how he’s doing that but he’s definitely not supposed to.


Isn’t bert Troll/Troii/an asshole?
:thinking: even without knowing he’d never be a tester, does he really have a shred of credibility?


I vaguely remember him being some attention whore who drew swastikas with bots or some shit.


He’s banned from here on like 6 accounts, so…


:tada: White star!!! :tada:




I forgot to relog when I typed it


Congrats have a :cookie: