The Achievement Thread


Lmao I just used events to farm for fame. I had a competition against my guildy on who would reach white star first (I lost by 1 hour :frowning: ) and the only rule was no fame trains.


Trains are faster trust me


Hell yeah, 1 year
Only 9 days late. Now I’m gonna go back to not looking at realmeye for another year


This shows that I have no life :wink:
JK my read time needs to be improved


Then i have triple no life. Big sad


i have like 3 post and have way to much read time


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I’ve had too much spare time. Missed it by 1 fame though, which sucks


Quick ! Photoshop it before it’s too late !




Fuck man you really did beat me.

O well I’ve been sinking all my time into minecraft anyway lmao

Haven’t been active in game for like a week


Minecraft is still alive? If this becomes a conversation we should move it to general


It achieved 30 millons of copies a few weeks ago, minecraft’s 10 years happened a few days ago, and a RPG minecraft and a minecraft Go is going to happen soon.

Who said minecraft was dead?


I also heard that Minecraft is not 10 dollars off :frowning:
Rip my 10 dollars extra I spent buying the game


Idk but my friends got a realm and it’s been a lot of fun


ha, i bought the game during the beta, so it was 10$ for me. However i REALLY started playing at the end of the 1.5.


I actually didn’t fail my AP Chemistry final


I remember I played before hunger was introduced, or sprinting. My aunt bought me the premium account for my birthday yeeeears ago and I’ve still got the account today.

Minecraft has been something I could always come back to and have a good time.


Shame the realms don’t support mods, that would make them 10x as good as they are now ;-;


Me and this dude did a duo Cult. In USSouth.


And I messed up a couple fame bonuses in there too (mundane and boots), so it was a ways behind potential.

I’m a little late to that particular conversation, but ah well.