The Achievement Thread


let R goOO, ooc r buff cmm




o probably cuz i used weaboo music…reupload w/ no music (it just a petless shait testing OOC op uwu)


Works now.


2 8/8s at the same time! I expect this number to grow rapidly, if I keep up my current pace! So much fun to play with good characters.


let r gOoo, shait and nest down :^) ooc and priest rlly are op


Yeeee I’m a regular now didn’t realise I’ve read forums for 50 days already lol


Yo, same!
EDIT: though I don’t see the tag by my name like yours… How do you do that?


go to preferences and set your title to regular


And… I’ve apparently read a topic with 100+ replies too… nolifing da forums lol


Have you checked out the secret area, and also you should join the RE discord where all the regulars are. I myself have lost the role, but still ask for the “Regular” role and you get access to something.
You also still get to see it even if you lost the role


Uh excuse me


Where all the cool regulars are.

JK, but just, just join. It is an Achievement to join the server and go into the bar.


You were looking for me?


bruh parasite chambers is so ez wtf. I did it with a group of ~5 and never flashed once



On this day 7 years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life.


Sorry can’t help but ask, are you affiliated with McKellen?


I got my priest ppe to 7/8! 8 mana to max


Solo’d a pentaract once everyone realised they had no idea how to do it properly.

Spoils of war were a greater wisdom and the non trickster items you can see. It took fifteen minutes :sweat_smile:

At least it was fun, this is my first time on challenger and it’s great.


Gz, I personally haven’t played challenger because I’m having too much fun (Read: self-subjected torture) on my priest, but I’m definitely trying it out next season. Gotta get that nostalgic feeling of not having a pet and nothing in my vault.