The Achievement Thread


I’m very proud of you



90K base fame.


Stop hacking…


Image result for boi meme gif




Another public Nest done! This time, we actually did the Queen with a decent-sized group. I had to clear to the Beekeeper on my own, tho.

I never actually noticed this specific detail, though - there’s one of those Lab bots covered in honeycombs, just below the yellow bee container.
From I could see from my previous screenshots, they’re apparently randomized. Pretty neat 0u0


First ST Set complete!! And only a few days to spare before it becomes “legacy.” I got the dagger, cloak, and armor on my own, then bought the ring for a couple life since the chances of me getting that drop within the week is basically zero. Hype!



i got only 10 :sob: :


As soon as deca announced 2 legacy sets i started to gather all the tradable sets :sunglasses: i have em all now yay


4th st set completed.
I only got interragnum, the last item that i needed after i played “i accidentally the RotMG” by HenezRS in the background


Bruh hide that you are doxxing the regs
@Gzzio Nice Guild name


Was this worth it for 2 attack?



It’s already too late…






what the
Im speechless…
But my question is
Y tho


cuz Glawi day d:
if notifications didn’t stack it would’ve been 1226 in total


Ecookied bows down


first habby duo! Ok, it was techically a trio but that man died while we were clearing the white demons, so ya :stuck_out_tongue: