The Achievement Thread


Is that the ppe you flex? 1 mana from 8/8

Remember my words, it is going to die as soon as it gets 8/8

The General Chat Thread

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First 8/8 ppe! (also my first 8/8 character, candies don’t count) This took way too long. Also @JohnMH stalked


You didn’t get the part where I said “took long enough”. Reported for abuse.


Sorry, the screenshot was before you said that.


imagine not derailing the thread

to get back on-topic, i survived 6 hours without playing RotMG


I stopped for 4 months





Anyway, come to my house pls image
@DivineOryx you too


Please use another thread for chatting


Sorry master.


@YesButNo 's 8/8 priest is no longer a ppe, thanks to me




technically, that dex was already mine, so you taking it and giving it back doesn’t change anything. It’s like putting my dex into a vault chest and taking it back out, or getting an ogmur on a ppe and taking it out to use it when you max. smh


oH i FoRgOt To /s






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I am KING.


only took 2 years