The Achievement Thread


Yeah, they did that a long time ago…
Where have you been :thinking:



sadly didn’t get to take a picture at the exact number


took you like a year to get that last ~20k >.>


My lovely guild leader Vjj has been harassing me nonstop lately threatening to kick me from the guild (as a joke I can only hope) if I didn’t get white star soon enough…So today was the day I made the leap from yellow to white, Here it is x_x

(Every Char except for the last huntress was a 8/8 for those wondering)


Alright, Ima head out.


edit: just realised i was using pinyin typing cuz homework You’re doing an account reset?!


Just white star. : )


But why did you killed the characters that didn’t give you 2K fame?


Now log out and log back into RE you 64 realmeye star


@RyanYoon Congrats on regular lol
Im getting close on getting mine back
:dagger: :baby: :dagger:


How’d you notice I got regular already


I know everything
JK I was looking at who were regulars and it said you got regular…


Im gonna make 29 backup warriors since I dont need other classes now : )





I have suicided my bad throwaway rogue in order to leave the Redstar ranks


I’m a regular woooo


first 8/8




Saw a dwarf miner event, which caught me off guard since I didn’t even know it existed, I went to check out the event and successfully soloed it up until the last 25% of the Crystal Worm Father’s health, when a 0/8 warrior came and started buffing me but couldn’t do damage as he couldn’t get close enough, so in the strictest sense I did not technically solo it, but nonetheless I may as well have, and what do I get for freaking soloing a whole event while knowing absolutely nothing about what to expect? I get a speed.