The Achievement Thread


What are you replying to


Nice achievement - how long did it take in real time??

A shame they’ve made it what I’d call “too difficult”. I don’t even think I’ve completed one since the rework whereas old Shaitan was a favourite for a 1 minute bossfight.

(Also ironic that T5 tome is now better than T6 with its stupid speedy.)


you saying Nile is bad


Iiterally wost ut in game even spider eyebis better ring


You’re factually incorrect and, frankly, are being stupid


Around 14 minutes; aka way too long x)

Though to be fair, a petless shaitans solo of the old version was near impossible with the minion overspawns. With a group however…that’s a different story :wink: ( - old shaitans fight for reference, note the mini hand respawns!)


Oops I meant to say sphinx


Why not Splendor, Jugg, BP, Omni


because imagine doing halls LOL


halls ez


Somehow regained my red glow. Probably outdated monthly leaderboard records got removed…



this gave me a reverse erection. first redbag btw



(what the crap yesbutno, why must this image be put in my mind)


ubvit is the best ring in game wdymmmm
“he took the UBVIT from my inv and put it back in his”


credits to nazoado for doing it first (
he actually had this idea for almost a year but recently completed it, so i wanted to try myself :3



Its over. Give me a real challenge next rift.

Final results: 3/8 wizard
Gear: t10 staff, t5 spell, t12 robe, pyramid ring

0 deaths


Had a really nice chat with @toastrz


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Lol I saw u on discord in the Fame Train. Guess where…