The Achievement Thread


You’re thinking of a different barcode, I never really use discord. Thought about changing my name but I like to be unnamed and this is as close as it gets lol


No it says Barcode and the nickname is IIIIIIII isn’t that u


Nah that’s not me, + I haven’t been on in almost 3 days now I think


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Yes that was from 10 days ago


Ah I see, still wasn’t me cause I was banned at that time lol. Had to ask for a ban on myself to get away from this addicting game. Got unbanned 3 days ago but There’s lots of barcodes, + I don’t fame train anyways but I do abuse the fame from events


got a t12 in challenger even though its litterally the worst i could get


quest 6 done


All quests done on Rifts :3
Also maxed 7/8 but can’t be bothered going for 8/8. Def was the hardest grind definitely.


Backpedal says: “Probably 0/8 for most of rifts; act like he wasn’t carried for most O2 or Skuld. Bet you didn’t even get an Inc the entire time”


Funny thing is, in early rifts no one was brave enough to rush OTs and Tombs so I just had to rush on a 0/8 pally lol


Got a like from @Toastrz


You can quote someone, but the first half of your sentence you’ve quoted from him isn’t in context. He was specifically talking about your 3/8 wiz(not Mizumi’s pally).

Can’t impose his personal attack on you onto someone else. Making him look aggressive towards Mizumi while backpedal was only aggressive towards you.


That was supposed to be a joke.


Sorry your second reply implied that you were still bitter against backpedal :confused:


FIRST VOID DONE! wasn’t hard tbh, didn’t even flash #priestgang
also wtf how



But you didn’t get omni.

Thanks you keeping me alive, btw.


when I saw the void I tought it was a white or something… but gratz

still gotta do a void after my 1 month break but my computer bugs with my headset and then I gotta use my phone and void is spooky im only doing one if you protect me


1 year on the forums


Why don’t we have item dyes yet, that’s some free cash flow to deca