The Achievement Thread


use tor. Just google and download it. It’s how I bypass my school’s firewall. Also if the FBI can’t track you your school for sure can’t.


You underestimate [insert name of middle school tech support guy] who really insisted on making sure I was always on work related stuff. thanks to him rotmg got blocked xd


I’ve tried a few browser vpns, but most were blocked. Ill try tor. Thanks for reccomendation


My school are aware that I use discord and play video games, but let me anyways because my grades are consistently high



I’m a 5 star realmeyer




u leader so people suck ur pp





Damn, my school doesn’t even block .io sites, I mean it is a high school but :man_shrugging:


wow my grades are consistently high as well but we all still have the same harsh regulations
id love it if they ha da selective bias like that



Fight me


Well my school is a small private school (k-12) with only around 40 people in high school, so they are able to easily keep track of all of us


oh im at a pub school and we have about 1300 students.



I have achieved greatness.


2100 beat ya!


I’ll gladly help ;3


@seelpit First public nest completion.


First 8/8 after that month-long break I had!

oh boi that 7/8 knight popped by septavius was sad


Joined the 100K base fame club




Congrats! I’m still too nooby to reach even 10k base fame