The Achievement Thread


I achieved not playing for 2 months after being severely addicted for 3 years



I haven’t even reached 2k total fame, I wouldn’t call >10k scrubby


well considering I’ve had my account for twice as long as you…


aren’t you the mega op leaderboard guy?


That’s him. According to Realmeye, he has 1m alive fame right now, which is well above the next contestant.


no idea that living legend was on the forums lol


Is this good? lmao


Yep! You get access to a secret regulars only chat.


No. Leave while you can xd
jk, it’s OP


Hey can I borrow that so I can see a certain place
I want to see the yearbook
sad I changed my quote the last second


Overall, I rate this a remove pillars out of 10.

…also I think I accidentally stood too far and missed out on the fame! Oops.
A painful, Tome-spammy experience, in the end.


My first void after the break!
no omni tho


Now sacrifice ur first born like all other regs did


sacrifice first and second born because of that sprite pixel made


its all good I didn’t actually change it

also yearbook isnt out yet because of my crippling procrastination so lmk if you need anything


Too bad I won’t see it


I can send you a DM with it when I’m done


I have died in 3 consecutive void/cult runs. I died in two (drags in fullskips) before taking a long break and I died in the first one I attempted today (dying in troom cuz uh idk tbh).
Back to another long break xd






Ill fix it by unsubbing.