The Achievement Thread




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And the 30k <3 goes to @Scorchmist with a 3 year old post in The Death Thread

back to the times where @Mynamerr only had 2 char slots uwu (chu were <3 29,999 btw)


5k base knight ppe


Participating in discord contests is a waste of time.

The mods appear to be biased and dish out reward to their friends.

Discord Server Events - Seal Clubbing Incarnate

#900 on leaderboards! lol






3 years on forum!


Me finished <3’ing every post in the death thread :3

next, the farewell and introduction threads >:3


you heard our overlord, keep dying people!


Nooooo I feel my net worth steadily decreasing as all my decas accompany my characters to their graves


The first Achievement Thread post of 2020…what else could it bee but a Seelpit Nest solo? >u<
Well, technically a duo - a brave Necro stayed through no less than 2 nasty Red Soldier Bee at the start, but got confused by a third one and nexused.
The path was surprisingly short, but there were a lot of Red Soldier Bees - 2 at the start, then another 2 plus a Yellow Soldier Bee…
And I even made it through two Yellow Phase 1s, so that’s neat /w\


Made it to last room !

I’ll keep listening to tlt songs while doing santa workshops :smiley:




haha funny number xd xd
I didn’t drop 300 ranks for nothing!


Finally! Managed to gather enough treasure items from traders, and then get the fusion quest for ones that I had, to make a Gold Bar.



The first day of the new tinkerer I had the quest with the manor treasures and sacrificed mine





Now I want the hardcore version of not being allowed to miss a day


Getting this far in the campaign while simultaneously juggling my school project is something I’m pretty proud of.