The Achievement Thread


guess why its called “New user of the month”


Finally… after 6 years of playing, i’ve achieved my biggest dream of getting my f2p divine pet!

and it’s a …

my most wanted pet skin too!
today is a good day


That hurts bro


Oh wow owo
good thing my <3’s ran out at the purrfect time


da grate salmon has found the way of the lord
5th st set compleated.



fuck i forgot to check





first time getting doer of deeds


thatone is hell unless you mindlessly do tutorials


If you play the long game, you can just clear realms (doesn’t have to be active, but show up for event bosses), then kill off the quests that spawn after the realm closes. Do this casually on a long-lived character, and you can get it without too much trouble.


Hmph, speaking as a fellow ninja player, it’s still way harder than you’d think


I’ve found that not focusing on it consciously helps. I just kinda do the quests for events/realm closing anyway, then I hunt down Dark Elf Queens.


Is it depressing that most of my characters don’t survive more than a day?


surviving a 24hour is a feat in itself, with the fact you will seek bigger trill the more you become powerful, wich mean more powerful enemy, more powerful character, so seek trill again and continue the loop until you die


paden 8/8!!
that’s now 6 8/8 total!! :)))


Found a heart

Lets play with our imagination

Yay! F2p legendary in under a year! though most of that year was spent as a red star begging for pet eggs because I didn’t know where they dropped


casual tablet/jugg flex


Wut? Oh I just died on my other char and I have a weird hoarder mentality so I never take anything out lmao and just do trash ppes. I think it’s just seeing everyone die so early with all those OP items and getting really mad.


Also honestly I feel like less people have murky than some event whites