The Achievement Thread


exactly 1 year ago i made an account on kongregate dot com, a vary cool website that charges 20% more for realm gold.


Why though?


i think this is the 2nd or 3rd year in a row i forgot about my account birthday


I forgot all of mine, I feel you.


downside of not being so active i guess


Oh, it’s not that I’m inactive. It’s just that I don’t care xD


glances at realmeye gee it sure would be cool to get all the event whites in a year (never got conflict or pogmur)



Finally reached 100k alive fame.

On a side note, also finally got 2k fame on every character (living white star!)


Vietnam flashbacks


Owo omg people like me not


oh look dat me


Today I found anti-glawi owo
image image


The Reverse Glawi, Professor Iwalg!


Me got all of dem heart items
and a bun for good measure uwu


The collection can still expand with the ninja st heart and the new heart ring


true, but by then heart tokens and letters would be gone


No Valentine Launcher, hah!


He got one.


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2 Days 5/8 ppe with the whole set farmed and 2k fame on death (in progress)


Do you go outside?