The Achievement Thread


yes lmao and i just died unfortunately (sad archer noises)

welp currently in a trickster ppe


mostly f2p divine obtained


6th st set done


is this the fastest white bag ever? show me screenshots if im wrong




Are you sure about that?
Now prove me wrong :sunglasses:
Azeus: Frantically grinds dungeons at level 1
Loot wise:
Good low level loot.


Don’t have screenie but I got tablet on a lvl 10 wiz ppe :smiley: died in a snake tho. To clarify I was not retarded enough to have it on…


ill take it as a challenge…lets see if I can beat it


My recorded best isn’t better than @DivineOryx , had a level 4 paladin got a Cutlass using gold sword, and a level 4 sorcerer got a Toga using T10/T4 gear. Best I’ve had with starter gear is a Dancing Prism at level 6 wizard with T0/T0 who also got 3/3 in that Theatre. (No screenshots as were on alts)


Sees Nevov ping and reply to me Worries that my record was broken
Nevov: Telling me he didn’t beat me
Me: Feeling some sense of accomplishment.
Infamous: Why did you take my dbow from this ppe
Me: Ppe luck is insane sometimes
Also me: Why is Glawi so lucky


You fool, you’ve fell furr one of the classic blunders

-glawi probably


A while back…





congratulations on not playing RotMG for almost two weeks !


thanks, finally kicking my addiction

I moved to a different account


:tada:Happy anniversary to me :tada:



Today was the day I finally got the dream white I never thought i’d ever get to claim, and in all honestly after 4-5 years worth of no lifing/ hunting down the remaining Battle for the nexus keys only for it to lead to the day I get to claim a Robobow, its all been worth it to get just a few pixels in a game that I put more time into than is necessary!

Made me jump for joy just as much as the first time I got a white bag in this painfully addictive/ fun game.


shoot you cant see the robobow in here :disappointed_relieved:


A Sentry spawned near the end of a Realm. I said ‘fuck it’, and went in. Suprisingly, even with a 2nd-room crusade, we still managed to finish it.
And hey, I did need quite some mana to max my Samurai, so this isn’t disappointing loot .w.


Glawi just liked 69 of my posts wtf