The Achievement Thread



Let’s not go into how many poor chars were sacrificed to my lust for glory…


Hippo, Ludwig, Kageboshi, and to anyone else who thinks they may possibly suck at this game




Just dodge lmao.



I’ll have you know that I well and truly suck much harder than you.


first seen: 2 years and 100 days ago


are we flexing grave counts?


White star. Thank you so much Harry.




Aren’t you going to lose that in a few hours


I actually got white star one min from midnight UTC, but I guess Bard will be released tomorrow (CST).


oh shit twitchy actually is worse than me
didn’t know someone could possibly be worse


I told you how bad I was, you didn’t believe me.


It’s so weird how little other players die :sob:


I’m literally 1 behind willhuff and i took like a 2 year break.




And done.


would have been 7 hours earlier if eusw didnt cuck me


sad hasn’t started to try to get white star noises


i have a mundane bard at 500 base. i truly do hate playing on exalt