The Achievement Thread






I didn’t get to do this when I first got yellow star, but with the addition of the bard I pulled it off :sunglasses:



Free to play Divine Pet.

Now what to do for my next challenge?


I’ve passed 60 8/8 deaths


Free to play 100/100
(oops forgot to multi quote)


Why would I want to be reminded of my no-life habits?


Bards have started to be recognised on RealmEye now :musical_note: :slight_smile: :

My humble effort makes his debut at 54 (was 47 but by the time I got around to screenshotting a few more must have logged on).


survived mch run lol


Raise another F2P pet, but without Heal/MHeal/Electric combination.


Did you get it a 3rd time yet?


^ got it on july of last year.

only took a year to max the first ability.


Eyy, i just got that badge as well!


If not for the forums going down, I’d’ve gotten it much sooner ;3


I’d love to try out bard too but…

I’m stubborn


Soloed Shaitan


Found a pretty chill guy today.




Why are there so many babies?




I see. Thanks!