The Achievement Thread


It was unintentionally my first gate. When my knight hit 30k, 3 of my other characters were at 22-24k fame, and so I made the decision to make 30k a retirement gate. Honestly it’s not really necessary, but I do like the display of nothing but a sweet, clean 30k base fame


Quick question : how to shoot with colo sword and ogmur at the same time ?



after many years they drop twice within a few days?

unfortunately these eggs are soulbound, so I have absolutely no use for it


Idk, I’ve never touched that knight for almost a year now… that set is really just for the looks (and flex)


completed first cult solo on wizard


YEEEEEEEET!!! Second 7/8 character!!!


2nd cult solo… full clear cuz im not a god gamer yet


Third 7/8, but this time the actual class that I wanted to max the most after my 1st one died.



Finally all 8/8s, from less flexy to super flexy.


Got my 1st 6/8, after only 3 years and 167 days of playing! (NyanGamer is my main and 2nd account, I have 2 other ones, excluding the one i made for my brother)


not a big thing, but after a lot of time, finally was able to comlpete my first f2p ST set (not sure if this is a good one, but was excited to try it out)


Resu on Samurai <3




i almost have no 0/8 chars. yay?


A first for me, but I managed to complete a public ASE Void for the first time~ Granted most of the people with me were from one of the most elite guilds in ASE, it was still quite an experience regardless!

And yea, the bplate in the screenshot isn’t a swapout. I got it as a white from MBC, so that’s a good payout! :>


LOL. One-man 7/8 Samurai vs Oryx Castle. Took me an hour total. But worth it.

Double killed those Stone Guardians. Would be nice if I get another ASS.

Janus activated:

And soloed him again.

Somehow I managed to kill Oryx 1 by myself. Might try WC Oryx in the future.


Soloing Oryx is kind of like a test of trial, to prove to yourself and others that you’re worthy and strong enough to take on this level of challenge. And clearly, you’ve passed, good job! I await your next test of trial~ ;>


That word alone makes me scared
at least I have my homies going through hell with me



oh jeez exalt actually shows this stuff on your screen? notlikeblob

I guess that also goes to how far behind I am on what the game looks like these days lol


Soloed Esben. Would be nice if I got old tops or White bags. Took me about total 15 minute for clearing and bossing.