The Achievement Thread


I once again see the light.


Now 20% of the playerbase sees you as a fametrainer :confused:


Whew, 's been a while since I did one of these. Wizzy’s not the beest character due to lack of piercing and poor matchups vs high def, as well as being generally frail. Blue Phase 2 is where it got the sketchiest, it’s really tricky to dodge it properly when the queen attempts to rotate counter-clockwise, while I’m moving clockwise.

I also got paralyzed once in the final phase, which always increases my heart rate by a couple tens a bpm, but no other spooky moments. Easy 70 notes, hehe.

F2P Bard Campaign [progress]

not looking at the phylactery, but at 51%, which is the most I have ever done
true story that the party was not that big (around 6 ppl), but I was impressed with the output :grinning:


Don’t get it.


red glow


Black and white e-reader be like


First guild void! Shoutout to @Bluewizadg for coming and helping us lolol. Pic of us at the end meming on dead guildie


Soloed Rock Dragon for the 1st time.


140 UDLs (additionally many treasure rooms) and no Doom Bow yet. :slight_smile:


Why’d you put that in here? Are you a lucky one that is used to getting dbow every 10 udls?


I never did so many UDL with one Charackter. And there will be more. But as I run one after run, I see others taking part a few times getting two Bows in a chain… it seems to prefer chars that not reached lvl 20.


Ah ma dude, thats saddening. Wanna know whats even more heart-breaking? Getting dbows only to lose em minutes later :sob::raised_hand: :bow_and_arrow:


hehe. If I had no fun grinding for it, it would not do it. So losing it afterwards is part of the game.



My journey comes to an end.



Soloed Shaitan and was rewarded.


did you do the campaign entirely f2p?


seconds F2P ST set completed, now looking to comlpete the archer (taking suggestions on which ones are worthy to grind for)


Isn’t Wilhuff F2P?


Wouldn’t be an achievement if it wasn’t f2p.