The Achievement Thread


Is your account F2P?


Campaign’s F2P, account obviously isn’t


And my wizard’s now officially my 3rd character to reach 30k base! And so as with the other 2 characters, she’s now retired and safe~

Again, most of the fame was earned from doing a bunch of nests and fungals with guildies, though I did take her on a ton of guild shatters and lost halls runs towards the end


Fully ftp campaign done , realms only , no discords.

Along the way I got: 6 merlots , 2 oryx greatswords, 2 bloodstone rings, 2 ray katanas , 1 vile trap ,2 keychains , 6 kageboshis (lol), 5 ancient stone swords, 2 tshots, 4 shield runes and around 12k base fame spread among 3 characters.



Yay a heal/mheal/electric


First time seeing Dying Thessal after 8 Ocean Trenchs (took the picture a bit late). EvilVeigar managed to do type “He lives and reigns and conquers the world.” faster than me (even though I typed fairly fast for that phrase).

Side note: I soloed OT 4 times using my 7/8 Sammy before he died, but no White Bags…


that was the goal since the beggining, glad to reach that on F2P :slight_smile:


good job, well done!


The flex with the jugg in ur inv.


Idk if this is any good or not but clean 10000 :eyes:


this was harder than the last, we may try the petless shit soon :eyes:


Ye da boss. That Quiver of Shadow from Warrior duo though…


IKR i was pretty happy xD ut exchange when o.O


I hope right on MotMG. Too bad it has been delayed.


My guess is that a lot of the things that were spoken of in the producers letter 2, such as exaltation, are coming then.


Soloed WLab for the 1st time. That dude almost insta-popped me. It was risky because this is my only maxed character alive rn.


Finished the campaign. :boom: :fireworks:

I kept track of my daily target so I was able to slow down how intensely I farmed and even take a day or two off. :sleeping_bed:

Also the 45 intern shards from the campaign finished my farming of the Intern Abilities. :fireworks: :fireworks: Intern Shard


Mad impressive. I was happy to get up to the doot skin! I have had pretty bad luck with the random ability rolls, too… No shield or quiver, but 4 prisms and 3 scepters :/. Hoping for more opportunities to get ability shards in the not-too-distant future!


WHAT?!?!?! thats completely out of the blue, ngl im very much surprised. now im joining all those cool people i see wandering around these forums like @GammaGamer @Nameness @Nevov @Demonseye @Triforcej

Thank you very much realmeye, I accept your present and I’m gonna cherish it until I lose it.