The Achievement Thread





Thats actually EPIC


first time having 3 8/8s (samurai’s death fame is already past 2k)


It is hard to believe how quickly I progressed in this game this year. Just under a year ago (21 Aug 2019) I got my first 8/8, who died that same day because I was way too tired to be playing.

In October 2019 I managed to have two 8/8s living at the same time.

And now, in July 2020, I have an 8/8 living of every character. Unfortunately, the trickster doesn’t appear on Realmeye since my chest-opening character is a trickster who currently has more fame.


My goal is to have these same characters be the ones living when I get white star, and to have a living white star account at the same time as I get white star in the first place. Still got a ways to go, but I am sure it will come sooner than I think!


Rare pet yard!


Ooooohhhh yeah thats why you die


first recorded “full” solo on prod yesyes?

“full” b/c unicorn jr. carried me with 10% lmao (not even joking i was pussying out so hard for line beams, uni actually carried)

will release the vid wednesday. not happy with the run b/c was playing like shit and got carried by op consumables + pet but o well, ill revisit this guy petless next time


That’s almost a full pally set


Nice rewards you got. It is a shame that you did not get a white bag from that solo.


my first ever double white bag, AND it was two good whites


Finally got a skin for each class!


Reached 1k likes received :heart:


First successful solo realm clear + Oryx 1! In the past I have had problems with people tracking my realm when events spawn or Oryx is about to close the realm, but I was completely alone this time around. Fortunately, all the red demons and cyclops gods had been taken out by the time I got there, because the godlands is super sketchy solo. In the process I solo’d 4 pentaracts, a sphinx, a lotll, a ghost ship, and a skull shrine. The shrine took a pretty long time, I am glad no cube gods spawned!

I was hoping to get a few STs in the process, but nothing dropped this time around. Left Oryx with a backpack full of pots and a desire to go to sleep since this took a bit longer than expected.

If anyone is interested in doing a duo realm clear with me at some point, hit me up on discord! Furyborn#3515. Definitely would consider doing an O2 duo as well, and it would be nice to have someone to talk to during the realm clear. It might not be the most item-rewarding passtime, but it was a really fun, chill way to spend my evening.

A few souvenir photos from my journey:

Special thanks to @Wangleline for making the great music I got to listen to through the castle and O1!

Edit: Also I had no problems at all with my game crashing, despite running around the entire map! Can Exalt handle any number of tiles revealed? Because I may want to try to do a full map reveal at some point, too, just for the heck of it.


followup heres the vid of the solo. kidd said to wait a week after release before publicly posting but i mean its close enough :^)


got a second legendary egg drop from a tomb a couple days ago, the first one being in 2013 from a lab


Damn… GG




Your rotmg skills have just risen by 69420%


first time getting the most damage, but i need the killing blow. Stop telling me the dragon st set is trash, you can literally insta realm gods


gratz man ^^