The Achievement Thread


2K base fame on my samurai, retirement time


First ever 10k death fame!


Pre-level 20 Oryx kill in a 50 person realm (though being assassin helps lol)

Extra note, the kill was on O2, I knew I got it the moment he died, he was in a bad place for us (everyone had to back off) but I was just watching the 2 poisons I had placed tick down the last tiny bits of his health


At last ! Huntress st sets complete !


Successfully soloed Cult for the 1st time @ Test Server. That UBWis really fits for Sorcerer.

And got a White from the 2nd raid…


Got 2k fame on a fame warrior, thanks to @Zuzu for teaching me


8/8 mystic


Not really a huge achievement, but got 3k base fame for the first time on my sorc!
sorc is low key best class


Brought my decked-out wizard into Oryx, and snagged a very significant highest damage considering the number of people there! It was probably closer to 40 at the time he died, didn’t take the screenshot quickly enough.


I have achieved my first ruins completion. Took me so long to find a portal, and I kept seeing it as an endgame dungeon so I panicked a bit more than I’d like to admit.

Cool dungeon. Now I return to my slumber of inactivity.


maybe soon :slight_smile:


First cult and 7k death fame on sorc!


Top 25


FixTheGame lol


got ninja to 8/8, so far very fun class!


don’t run into some gods again


A long time ago, younger lud watched someone solo a sew on a ninja, and wanted to do so since. Today, present lud managed to rush (without stopping to heal :o) and kill the boss solo (even by myself I skip that one phase with multiple slurp-looking minions). Thats one thing crossed off the bucket list!


I got my Ninja to 7/8 (didn’t touch Wis) but she’s NPE.

In addition, she does not wear HP ring but instead UBDef as her primary defensive ring (UBVit for Regen). Long story short: UBDef, Dex, Vit, MP, ATT and SPD.


noone really cares

[ D:< maybe we don’t care about you - Shatter]


Very funny.