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Why explain when you can build a poll


I need to say I have no soul

I’ve watched several movies with my friends that made them bawl their eyes out, and I didn’t start to tear up watching.
Namely, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame, Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, Hamilton

This music video is the most emotional thing I’ve watched

I’m a high jumper myself : /


Don’t think those make the list of most emotional movies


The Master of Disguise is very emotional. You can thank me later


i agree that they aren’t emotional.

my friends do not


why would you not max wis? especially with ic/ooc coming out.


8/8 grave ugly as hell. I just want to pick a stat that is unfortunate enough not to get touched.


Madoka Magica remains the only fictional work to have truly made me cry


My first solo cult!
Next time, I’ll be bringing a parasite spell as well.

Wizzy is 4/8 def spd dex vit, 2 att to max and I believe 3 wis

Then 5 life and 14 mana.


There isnt really a good way to show this, but all ten of my characters now have all six base stats maxed!


I’m not going to lie, I think that’s one of the dumbest reasons to not 8/8. You’re probably not even going to see the grave after you die so what’s the point, you’re just restricting yourself by making your characters weaker.


First MBC and Void!

ss of void was apparently too big so i have one immediately after


Nice job! Getting a T14 armor is a nice reward for your first time through. For big pictures, you can open them in MSPaint and resize them to 50% size, and then they can be posted here.


Ok thanks! I figured there was some way if re sizing it, but I was too lazy so I took another ss lol. Thanks for sharing it with me though, I will definitely do that in the future if I need to re size images! Also, is it just me or is mbc easier then void? It took me 3 tries for mbc and I was able to do void first try without very many sketchy moments. Maybe I was just lucky with the phases :thinking:


It’s easier to play it safe in void, the only way people die there is full rotating, crossing and going in on that one phase that has like 300 damage per shot (was it star wars?) On the other hand, MBC is just bullet spam and status effect galore, you can"t hide from it either.


I assure you there were a lot more way by which I died in voids


oh and not pay attention. if you pay attention and dodge and play it safe (like first time would because its so intimidating) then you won’t die.


It definitely was intimidating. My hands were sweating soo bad lol. Never went below half hp though, where as in the mbc fight bullets were everywhere and you couldn’t dodge them I was dipping below 100 hp and got healed from there at least 6 times. Overall tho, the void entity was a fun fight. It wasn’t too long, and you could actually dodge some shots. Now I just gotta do 900 of them for an omni lol


Usually it’s possible.


i hate the malphas sprite so much i never go in abysses forget about the def and vit it is ugly i don’t want to play

Seriously though, why ?