The Achievement Thread


soon :tm:


I haven’t even done o3. But also haven’t been playing


Petless solo OT is possible, this is actually my 3rd time doing this, but still.

Took me about 20 minutes. Would be better if I get rewarded with another CBow.


This was a long time in coming, but I am finally a white star! I was saving it because I had the goal of having a living white star account at the same time as initially achieving it, and I succeeded in that goal. 16 8/8 characters with over 2K fame, plus a few backups. Wizard was the final one to go, and I finished it up after a very successful fullskip void (same one that @Wilhuff just posted here). I was 10 fame away, so I popped open my quest chest for the day and that was that!

It has been a great time getting up to here, and hopefully the game stays alive for several years to come. I know I will still be playing.


Congratulation to your White Star promotion!



Me and a paladin were the only people left halfway through the final boss fight. Right near the end the other player died and I had to finish soloing the boss. We were both 0/8 and it was an intense boss fight! Sadly I got nothing from the boss. This was all done on my huntress ppe


Finally soloed Davy as a 7/8 farmer Pally. It was so risky because of Davy’s shot hurts a lot even when she had a UBDef on (to fill up the defence). Took me 4 tries (the previous 3 were fiasco b/c getting paralyzed by the lamp and was close to getting shotgunned).

Would be better if that solo reward me a Spectral or a White/ST.


first fungal + crystal. Dont have ss of it tho, so just mark


Dunno if this is an achievement, but

(I joined a new guild, S P R I N G)


you are copying me




I have achieved the orange star!


My highest whitebag/time ratio ever!

20 mins of loot drop. Game really wants me to play sorc


Def can recommend!


We fucking did it. We’ve been planning this guild o3 for the last few weeks, but never got around to it. We finally decided to do it 2 days before IC/OOC hit, I GOT 2 GPOTS :cry: 21 guildies went in, 1 died and 1 nexused at Beisa, 4 nexused at O3


Right after, we did another run. MUCH MORE SCUFFED THAN THE FIRST. Gemsbok was terrible in the last phase, we had 23 in the beginning, and 7 nexused or died in his final phase. Our only trickster nexused too so o3 was sketchy, not to mention we got an o3 counter (sicken btw) which caused everyone to panick. In the end we made it out okay with 12 members! Tornados were plentiful, so guildies were scrambling for heals. I actually got loot this time (t14 wand t15 heavy armor).


45 minutes of pain, I originally planned on doing this with lumiare but that wasnt happening so did it without :^) just wanted one done before icooc

Edit: here’s the vid, i should rlly just edit long vids in the future and upload the raw footage unlisted, saves time finding uncopyrighted music/rendering/uploading with my shit internet xD


Having tried that (on Testing, with no other wands), I’d say CWand is probably a better choice for the fight overall.
My own reasoning was “well, I’ll just be able to armor break him all the time, so I’ll always deal max damage!”.
Which, uh, didn’t always occur.

Still, big congrats! ^u^


Actually at O3’s 75 def Lumi still does quite a bit more damage (~470 more dps):

I guess if he’s armored then cwand is better though. It probably could’ve cut it down to 20-30 mins which is like half the pain xd