The Achievement Thread


That was created 6 years ago


he could have more accounts


he could be anyone of us


what is your point

  1. Yes it was to show that he started playing 8 years ago
  2. He took a break for a while I guess, that was before I played the game, and I would just sit on the couch watching him and my sister
  3. The only other account he has is LEOlVALDEZ
  4. As twitchy said, what was your point?


My point was that he didn’t get 2 stars in two years, so he quitted after playing a bit. That’s not 8 years then, it’s 6 years (his main account’s creation date)

While writing this, i’m realizing i’m doing such a fuss about one very trivial thing.


Finally, I successfully soloed Tomb for the 1st time as a 7/8 Mystic. Took me 3 attempts and this time, I survived through the Jackals but Geb’s rage phase is really scary.

It took me more than an hour to clear the dungeon and kill the bosses in total. And yes, it was a Clean Tomb.

Got a Prot as a reward for that solo.


If you are both a mystic and solo, then it better be clean or that’s just sad


Me and my friend decided to start trying to duo things, so we started with tomb. I got to try chain stunning, for the first and possibly last time, and it went really well, pretty clean.

We decided to try to duo a nest, within five minutes of the tomb completion. The T was painful, but we did it. I got confused and sat on a minute later and nexused with 5 hp. He cleared to try and get the st armor to go with his ring an bow.


Slightly terrifying, not gonna lie. Not sure how proud I should be of this achievement! Thanks for being a bunch of cool people, everyone, and making me keep coming back day after day!


Soloed a skull shrine


Thanks to the magic of para events (and running some other events and my daily nest quest), I have finally gotten 10k on my favorite class! Yay!

I also recently got my favorite pet skin using the free legacy crystals, been wanting this cute thing for months!

Now I just need diplo and superior from UT exchange since I have crown and ST skull


What is the UT exchange?


It’s a proposed (NOT implemented yet) system in which you can break down UTs into UT shards, which can then be exchanged for another UT. You can find some more, likely outdated info here!


dope :slight_smile:


I got a backpack from the chest. I also went through two Realm cycles (one partial, one whole) while meticulously clearing (almost) every room.
I still hate Golems of Sorrow!


Not much, but without realizing it my rogue got to the eighth page on top rogues.


first time I got “Doer of Deeds”


Bard passes the solo cult test! …still no white .n.


Is it just me or does that look like the new forest maze bow…