The Achievement Thread


Good news! It is the new Forest Maze UT, the Bramble Bow!
No, I did not use it for clearing, I only have it as a remnant from levelling this bard prior to buying actual equipment. And it’s fun to shoot a chest with memey weapons!


Next challenge for that bard: bramble bow only solo MBC


Just got this bad boy after being almost free to play with the exception of buying the ample pack for more chars and vaults once. Decided two months ago that I was going to get the legendary pet, and finally I got it!


First 2 people to exalt chars wheeeee

@craykiller is a forumer and smels.


Why you no pick up UBDex?


He finally got white star bois!! @PRCSakura
ft. my necro ppe


Within a year playing this game and I’m blushing RN.




I owe all 16 class’s 5 stars promotions to Boots on the Ground. Like for real.



that was cray lol


Still gets pissed that Cray did not pick that UBDex up…


Well you see cray probably has more than 1 crown, which is outright better than unb dex, and if he doesn’t he could just use a t3 hp ring or higher, which is generally a better option than unb dex


How the hell T3 HP ring outcompete UBDex???


Simple, +9 dex is an small amount of dps that doesn’t really matter that much, +100 health however could very well be the difference between life and death in a permadeath game


Well, if you’re good at not getting hit, the extra damage helps! You finish off your target all the faster.


I was just thinking yesterday I’d never get this lmao


now it’s the first time I got more than 5000 base fame :slight_smile: huntress ftw :slight_smile:


Thought it was +10 dex


HP ring is good when you can’t dodge well or/and facing AP shots.

Defence is good when you have good dodging or/and when it can reduce the damage to minimum.

Vit is good for godlike dodging skills, regen faster or/and get out of IC a bit quicker.