The Achievement Thread


shoots you with a bullet


What did you get and what was your meme



Oh that was you? I saw that on reddit and really liked it. I also love how they give gold, but just not enough to buy a vault or anything good.


Ngl, if I got gold, I would buy skins I couldn’t get otherwise, or something akin to that. Because at least vault space and character slots you can earn on the calendar.


I would buy that silex skin, even if I can roll the box only two times, it’s still pet food or something I can actually use. If you look closely, it states that gold will be distributed on the upcoming weekdays, and by that time the mystery box will be no more :slightly_frowning_face:


Well, I spawn Silex with my 2017 veteran token, so I’m content with that. Symbolic or not, it’s kind of meh looking



I’m gonna be honest I don’t get it


Craig changed all of the early dungeons but Sprite, and now his mom is sad.


Part two: craig gets disowned


EDIT : I was completely wrong ! I didn’t win 400 gold, i won 500 ! And now i have…


…brought balance to the universe !


Congratulations, your are now forbidden from buying anything with gold ever again.


Too late, i bought 64 potion slots!

…Which was a really good deal! High Tech Terror is pretty generous about pots…





Edit: now a string of sad achievements… perhaps you can tell what happened. Got that pet yard maxed before the fame cost inevitably changes, though! (Event if I haven’t even started feeding my second legendary yet)


First 8/8 ppe!!



“noooo you can’t bring a 0/8 to O3 you’ll just die before the miniboss!1!”

Watch me
This is actually my first prod O3 I ever completed! I only got pots and a Shard in the end, as well as a cool cloth, but still a heart-throbbing experience.


oreo gang