The Achievement Thread


Mega carry.


I have recently become addicted to this forum
It was 1d read time about a week ago so it’s probably close to 2 by now

Maybe this isn’t a positive achievement…


Pub o3 did it boys

had to nexus on the exalted oryx phase though :pensive:


Me and two guildies did a three man cult run. Nothing really good for any of us, but it was fun.


See, and this is why I don’t particularly care what gear I’m wearing. Here is proof you don’t need to have the best to fight the best.


I actually completed my first ever miniboss on a 0/8 trickster with a t1 def ring
I don’t think i’m good enough to complete an o3, even on a good character


This is a guy in my guild:


First duo complete with a guildie, we started sanc with 70, ended beisa with 25, went into celestial with 2 other guildies.


pub gemsbok cleared and 20k virgin status :sunglasses:


Despite playing for 5 years I finally 8/8’ed everything and got to 2k. next stop 5k.



Congrats! :+1:


Forgot to post this yesterday
(Ignore temporary lack of set)


MLG airhorn barrage intensifies


Look who won a contest again

(600 gold + Mystery ST Chest)

EDIT : Stuff i bought with 600 gold, got pretty lucky with mystery crates


Rate my 3D necro papercraft

Ive got a question or two. What did u hve to do for this contest and how do you create the stuff you turn in?


All the details are here


pub Dammah clear

Think that’s gonna be it for now with my posts cuz I don’t think im getting leucoryx or O3


that reminds me…



I just completed my first o3,

It was fortunately a Leucoryx which is the miniboss that is personally easiest for me and also cleansed alot of the bad players, 9 players remained going into o3 and 9 finished that o3, including me! Thank you SBC <3

Now its just time to get some actual loot…


I finally completed my star collection