The Achievement Thread


Most of the details are in the first sentence btw


I’m finally done.


image 2nd ever character to 2k bf


thats “deebomb” dude!


First ever campaign completion! I didn’t feel like this one was too bad at all. I didn’t even get a chance to play for many of the days of the event (I missed the entire nest event, unfortunately, as well as the O3 event apart from doing 2 minibosses today) and I still managed to finish this up. Now to choose verrry carefully what character to use the set with!


I did it!

I’m just a few dozen assignments behind in school (all due in less than a week :frowning: but if anyone wants to help me, be my guest) but I got my blue hard hat and now I can do my assignments I’ve been unable to do for so long and finally pay attention during online class and not join vc with my guild… until the Halloween event :weary:
The bad thing is, I don’t have any construction armor left… So basically this hard hat will just be a souvenir in my vault unless another reconstruction themed something comes around and I can get myself a piece of construction armor. I did quite a few PPEs during MotMG and I am getting way better at them. I’ve already had 2 that have had 2000 base fame.


thats like actual addiction and shit


Heh heh, does someone need a temporary forums break? :thinking: :upside_down_face:


Well in the middle of the campaign I realized I was actually doing pretty well and I decided I would try and finish this campaign. And I did.


completed my first full st set


Is that German or what?


Got everything to 8/8, can’t play on half my characters because no backpacks lol.


Its german for “looks good”


If it ever tickles your fancy, I’ll grow your new ST set sprite for fun! :upside_down_face:




3 st sets complete :smiley:


oh god have I accidentally won a contest again


This marks a 3 win streak!

(I won 400, but since @Misiulolxd won too much gold i get 14 extra)


that set is insane if you swapout with the oryx helm, 1.5k damage shots at a decent range at a good pace


Finally aquired yellow star so thats pretty rad ig


First time with 50k account fame