The Achievement Thread


What’s in ur 3rd slot


spidey shuriken; it drops from arachna and shoots a slowing star and its only 5mp/s for speedy


Yay! 53%20PM

Also: @Pokeballhi


:eye: :eye:


I like to flex, have a Beehemoth armor in my back pack as well :sunglasses:


Haven’t played much at all in the last week since MOTMG ended, but I logged on and saw the Lord Doku skin, which is one of my favorites. I only had 550 gold, but I decided to spend it all on 3 rolls on a whim and I got my first jackpot ever! Hollllyyyy smokes I am so excited!

I probably shouldn’t call gambling an achievement, but shhhh


Ayyyyyyyyy ^^^^^^^^


white star for the 3rd time :sleeping:


get 2 more fame and then retire him <3


Until 2 months from now when you’ll have to get one more fame :pensive:


2k base on the best my fave class!


Get it now so you don’t have to later :smirk:



im ate


oh I thought you were posting this bc of the skin # before I saw your text


10k base fame ppe lets gooo


aint that sweet im 3 yrs old :flushed:


you are a very smart 3 year old.


im flattered


Read every topic in the last 14 days 43%20PM


only 14?