The Achievement Thread


? T6 quiver that he almost always has equipped


I got my first 10 000 base fame character! And she’s a PPE too, I am very proud of her.
The next biggest base fame i have ever gotten is something like 2100.


Now sell that TCave map for couple Lives.


hes not using it in that photo


Yeah I know, but he almost always is using it. That’s why maddymoon made a joke about it.


Screenshot from nearly a week ago. First white drake egg! I’m not sure how rare these are, but I think I’ve heard people searching for these things for years? Or is that only from those highland eggs?


They are more rare than the other colors, but not incredibly so. I would say maybe one quarter the drop rate of a dex effusion or so. I have a bunch stored up that I plan to use for O3 attempts.


I got my first 8/8 PPE!

That attack pot maxed me


Me to myself, entering a Sentry-dropped Lost Halls: c’mon, just a nice little casual cult run, nice and easy.

Me, exiting said Lost Halls


Me: Struggling with “Futility” phase.

Noticed that Yuri from DDLC.



you are absolutely insane
How many tries did this take?


I- um- wha- how- bruh-


That was his 1st try.




Yep it was Candy’s 1st try. He even commented it on YT.


I have achieved yellow star!


My 100th character!


But you have…
White star

I’ve already died over 300 times!!!


Try almost 1800