The Achievement Thread


I’m just very inefficient.


Finally got my first rare egg!


i died 1000 times before I earned white star


First 0/8 complete
46 spd during beyblade phase + heavens coming at you is terrifying


Don’t a lot of classes have 50 spd max?


yes but they have gear that can give them more which is ideal for O3


A bit late but I have been playing RotMG for a year now!


First top 1000/900/800/700/600/500/400 character! And its a PPE!


as god himself intended


dagger classes have 75


He knows he was just saying to shatter that most classes max at 50 spd cus shatter was saying that having 46 spd was scary






Lud the white star


That solo was intense. Especially on the final boss, as I don’t really have enough gap to dodge the shots, hence the HP pots I used. Nothing good, just 1 Def and 2 Fragments at the end.


did you get the satellite core?


Nope. I took too long. Had to focus on dodging 1st.


When I soloed it (on assassin) I probably wouldn’t have even completed it if I wasn’t on assassin, cus I just lobbed poisons in and stayed way way back the entire final phase. ggs, to bad you only got the tokens and pots, which was the case for me too


im looking forward for your eventual 03 solo ^-^


Me soloing O3? Can’t do that. I can’t even complete a solo LH yet.