The Achievement Thread


This is not even close to that level of play


Soloed a PChamber. Managed to pack myself with 22 HP pots and found 2 TRooms. No Whites at the end but those 3 Manas are decent reward.


but you don’t drink mana pots?




PRC prefers the 7/8 grave to the 8/8 grave, and so does not max to 8/8


RIP exaltations


No point for Exaltations anyway when I am not been part of a Discord raid as well.


exaggeration, you can do it just fine.


I’m sorry I’m confused.


It kind of feels like me getting about 25k is the same as getting 10k pre-vc, which sucked for my 3 existing characters already at 30k because now they don’t really reflect the embodiment of sheer survivability through many months of adventuring. But at the end of the day, it still equates to more fame for most of us, so who can really argue with that right?

I’m still sticking to the original goal of having all my characters be at 30k fame. Once that is achieved, I’ll push my main main character to 50k (huntress) so I can land on exactly 500k fame, and it’ll stay that way forever. I’ll use the rest of my free character slots for my main adventuring characters, constantly suiciding those characters when they reach close to 30k (50k if huntress). :>


better upgrade your pet yards now before a divine yard cost 500k


Red eye seagull intensifies




Nothing much, but I completed my first Cultist with Orsome as a duo LH trip! You guys in other threads are right; it’s not a hard dungeon at all.

(For context with those that don’t know me and scoff at such a commonplace achievement, I don’t do Discords, and nobody who happens to be in a pub setting ever wanted to do it. But here I am ^^)




10k bf on my ppe
Probably wont play much anymore, I find the game not that fun anymore. I’m probably going to mainly play similar games cause their devs and mods actually care about the community and don’t have bugs that are there forever. Also they have pretty epic content.


would ya come back if the bugs were fixed?


Wait why was this flagged


I believe there was another place stating more specifically to avoid promoting private servers (albeit this instance is less direct and probably not intended), but this rule here applies too.

@PiiNeS I’m not the one who gave you a flag, but maybe you could tweak your post in the meantime?

Thanks, @PiiNeS!


just soloed my first complete wlab (including the t room)