The Achievement Thread


Completed my 1st Cult with Create Story, one of my ex-guild. I rejoined their Discord server just today (no, I am not touching Discord raid server though).

At the end, got a Mark but sure, can’t complain. Some dudes were particularly lucky to get Cult Whites though.


First ever character to 10k base fame!


My very first o3 to be completed
I survived 2 celestial phases in a row this time!!! :partying_face:


First 50k Base Fame Character & 108 hours on a single character. Glad to have collected so many clout points :sunglasses:




He’s also never gonna enter the doors of an O3 cause im terrible at O3.


cleanest non-speedy cross i’ve done in a while


I don’t do voids so idk what this is about, why risk crossing like that?


The flex.
The same reason there’s +1 mystic in my graveyard, because I wanted to look cool and EP Janus.


It’s something I wanna try and complete haha;; Y’all make it look easy but I know it definitely takes a lot of practice and skill to pull it off~

I’ve been farming up all the consumables by myself, atm this is what I have, probably good enough for 1 attempt? It’s a daunting task, idk when I’m actually gonna summon the guts to finally do it, but hopefully it’s soon x wx"


good luck im sure you got this.


I did a cult yesterday.
I still only have one white 8(


u got dis


why do you bring around k.i.d.d with you on necro?


I can’t bee bothered to store it.
That’s it. That’s literally the only reason.


Survived my 1st Void with CS. At one point, I lagged on Survival Phase but then still made it. It was because Discord call and game running at the same time. Still not touching Discord Raid servers though.

Had an extreme close call. 3 HP moment.

The Death Thread

A month late since I haven’t really been on the forums much recently but hard to believe that I’ve been here since 2016. Feels like a decade ago especially with the kind of cringy ass stuff I posted back then. Cool milestone tho! :tada::tada:


I may have finished the campaign in 3 days… (Purely off of Realm Clearing)


I just hit 10k ._.


Proceed to full grinding