The Achievement Thread





Congrats, you take 5 less damage from bullets after all that grinding.


It’s not about the money damage…


thank to @Stellalumi for the lute, and @XBookwyrmX for selling the trap, this is a very epic gamer moment


Woah that lute looks sick




soloed my first new cdepths


Converging shots are hell aren’t they


They are.

For me, most annoying are the light blue quite shots. How can you dodge them?

Wonna throw massive parrots on the spider. :smiley:


Not really a good way to take a picture of it sense Realmeye doesn’t track all stats right now, but I just maxed the last of my thirteen characters! All 8/8! I even have most of the pots to max the assassin I will be making when I get another character slot coupon.


Old glory is back.

Also completed first O3 with multiple guild run (Egg salted, Black bullet, and one more I can’t remember).

This is looking great so far.


That set makes me jealous… grats on first o3 and getting that insane set tho


Are you in the asian discord?


Yes but multi-guild O3 had nothing to do with it as far as I know.


Create Story is probably the other one


I wish I could be in THE Asian discord. I’m just in my guilds discord. (Unless you mean Asian highway)


First ever top damage on Oryx 2!
18% isn’t bad for 23 people starting the fight.


Same as me after playing this game for a year. Got Moon Robe and Exa Vit at then end.





Same same. My damage sucks though as I cant really do sun or dance phases.