The Achievement Thread


It may or may not have to do with you having a parasite spell lol


I can’t do any of the phases except chase phase lol, but bard inspire with the oppressors staff (love that staff super high dps and 10 range) I can hit him in dance phase and in sun and the other one I can run in quick and run out quick for damage, also thanks to the ten range of oppressors staff.


The huntress wasn’t too consistent with their buffs, but we managed :'3



omni doesn’t exist


Why, Realmeye, do you have to do this? Well, certainly a badge I wish I never had to get…

Kinda funny, like it says some nice things on the description but my brain just translates it all into ‘‘yeah remember that the world is shit and if we dont make efforts to make it better it’ll naturally tend to be shittier?’’

sowwy to bweak any festive mood you might’ve had before reading this i won’t do it again i swear


First o3 completion

I wish I had a heart rate monitor.



100 100 pet! 5 years in the making and haven’t spent a dime on it.


After my 2rd 7/8 Sorc died…


cries in playing for almost 4 years and still rare pet
boy I need some fame


Back when the regular eun2 game train runs i always created tricksters and got to 600-800 fame and that’s how I got mine back then


Yeah I joined a fametrain discord but they aren’t doing anything cus of the bug where you have to shoot an enemy to get xp from it so hopefully that is resolved soon


I am almost certain that was an intentional game change that was in the patch notes and everything… Am I wrong?


Honestly, just playing the game is pretty effective at this point; I netted a solid 3k base fame in just a few hours of light playing the other day.


Run Fungals
@furyborn they said it was a mistake but didn’t know how to fix it, somewhere in reddit


I think that was assumed, but when I read the wording again, I’m not so sure that’s what they meant. That, or I’m just tired right now and that’s not even the right update lol


It is not an intentional change.
Oddly, some enemies do properly reward XP, even when not shot for SB: the first example I know of are the Creepy Weird Scary Mirror Image Monsters (or w/e they’re called) in Esben’s semifinal phase.



8x 30,000 fame characters now! So I suppose I could say I’m halfway to the “30k on all characters” dream…

No fame trains used, just a lot of realm clearing Moddy_What_the_HECK%20small


First o3


With LILY!!! ᵃᵈᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ


I ship them @Wilhuff lol /s