The Achievement Thread


There were 20 ppl in Oryx Castle @ the beginning. Everyone else headed to Oryx and I ended up soloing Janus. But then I decided to solo Encore as well and see how well it can go.

Ended up a successful solo (had to chow down 3 Ichors though) but didn’t get anything good other than Attack pot and Elder Robe.


Today on Ships I Never Would Have Guessed Existed: Wilhuff and Lily


kinda old screenshot but divine pet with $0 spent on pet food




15k base on my wizard!


First 100,000 Base Fame Character! I am now one of the big peeps in the game. (In Base Fame at least)

On death: 278,117

Incomplete Dungeons:

  • Oryx’s Sanctuary
  • Heroic Undead Lair
  • High Tech Terror
  • Rainbow Road



No it fucking doesn’t.

It’s a myth created by DECA games in order to get some whales that consistently buys $400 worth of Realm gold for keys.


How many hours of active time do you have on that char?


You have done well.


197~ Hours


First reply to get 20 likes!
Also first time having 8 characters 8/8, but no screenshot of that


a milestone for me, not being in any guilds or discords and all :stuck_out_tongue: woohoo


If you can Exalt like that, then you are a god in this game.


Doing 5 public nests makes you a god at rotmg?


Sniffed @Moont #8 all time recently


No. Fully Exalted a character without using Discord.


realistically, I’d probably only be able to exalt the stats given by Nest, Cult, Shatters, and probably the occasional Cavern.

very… very… slowly…


Yellow star pog.


Legendary pet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


yellow star
i got this a while ago but just updated it now